Kids and kittens

After my last blog update, we returned to the farm. Nate and I wanted to get some videos of the farm, so we took our iPad and iPhone and started walking around. Once me walked a few minutes, some of the kids from the community found us and took over our videos. They gave little tours of the community and, took pictures, and filmed each other. We ended up playing with them for quite some time and one of the little girls, Angelica, followed us for the rest of the tour of the farm. The kids took up all my storage space and my videos weren’t the scenic videos I expected but it was so much fun. Also, although working with the day care has been difficult to figure out this was a good way to spend some time with the kids which is what I originally wanted to do anyway. That night we watched and then joined a game of basketball. It was a big deal that they let Suchana and I play, since typically girls aren’t allowed to play basketball, just volleyball. We played with the community members, French interns and Malaysian interns so it was a nice mix and a good way to meet more people. One of the long-term interns was leaving the next morning, so after dinner we all sang karaoke together and stayed up pretty late so say bye to her. The interns have these “despedidas” for everyone before they leave which is really nice and portrays a lot about how close everyone grows here during their time together. 
The next morning Nate and I shared some of our ideas we came up with for the short-term intern social education (which I talked about in my last post) with Jonie, the lady in charge. She really liked our ideas and gave us some feedback, so we’re continuing to develop this plan and hopefully coming up with plans for other groups, such as volunteers soon. That evening Tita Brenda, the lady in charge of the day care, invited Nate, Kathy (one of the French interns) and me over for dinner. She cooked an amazing dinner (rice, noodles, fried eggplants and chicken) and told us a little about herself. Not only does she run the little school or daycare here, she also works part-time at a school outside the farm. However, since she only works part-time, she does not get paid for the classes she teaches, only for transportation there and back. However, she does not want to work full-time since she wants to be able to spend time with her kids. She clearly cares a lot about her own kids, as well as the kids she teaches, and I hope that I do get to help her out at the day care here or her other school soon. After we left this dinner, we joined in on a “food fight”. There were tables set up everywhere with food on banana leaves. Everyone just stood around the tables and ate with their hands. The kids from the community, the interns, volunteers, and full-time employees joined. It was a really fun experience, and great community bonding. After eating, someone started playing their guitar and everyone joined in singing. 
The past few days I’ve been helping Chris a little with building a fence. They are getting new chickens and are trying an experiment where they feed one half of them bamboo leaves with their regular feed to see if it will cause them to eat more in general and become bigger chickens. With the help of one of the farmers we built a fence that separated the chicken coop into two sections. After building the fence, the pool has been a nice way to cool off. 

We started leading the camp for the visiting kids! I’ll write ankh it when it’s over! We also have another meeting set up with Joni, so hopefully our social education plan continued developing. Also, we adopted a kitty that we found screaming and cold. He’s doing ok now. 

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