Getting ready

Tomorrow I’m leaving the country to spend 8 weeks in the Philippines followed by 10 days in Malaysia. When I first read about the IWU Freeman Asia Internship program I did not expect to get a chance to go abroad through IWU again. But, after spending four amaing months in Barcelona last year,  I couldn’t be happier to intern abroad this summer.

Last week we went to a meeting at the Philippine Consulate in Chicago. We had a meeting which included an introduction to the country and culture. I can’t wait to see the places, learn about customs and food and meet the people. I’ve had so many people approach me already, I probably have more emergency contacts in the the Philippines right now than in the USA. Everyone seems so friendly and hospitable.They even wrote about our visit in a national newspaper in the Philippines ( The weather, on the other hand, will be something to get used to. The forecast for Manila right now is 90 degrees and thunderstorms. Every day. I’m sure that’ll be something I get used to in a week or so, though.

After 20ish hours of flying + a layover in Seoul, an introduction to the Philippines is waiting the whole group on Saturday before we split up to our different internship locations. I’m super excited for the Tagalog crash course, since I’m a huge fan of languages. On Sunday we leave for Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, which is where my internship will take place. I am not 100% sure what to expect, so I can’t wait to arrive there and explore. My placement entails working with children which I am so happy about. On the other hand, the language barrier is making me a little nervous. I guess that’s something else I’ll figure out in the next few weeks.

It still hasn’t really hit me that I’ll be boarding a flight to Manila in about 12 hours, but I’m sure once I’m at the airport it’ll all settle in. I’ll be sure to post about my first impressions soon.


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