Walang iwanan

Hello! This is probably going to be one of my last posts, since I’ve officially ended my internship.  Like I mentioned last time, we took a day trip to a GK community in Manila. The community was called GK Escoba. It’s a less developed community and they are still working on building houses. So, a … More Walang iwanan

The Filipino Dream

I can’t believe our time here is so close to being over. I don’t feel ready to leave!!  We’ve been working on the rice fields still, fortifying all the banks so they’ll be ready to plant soon. As I mentioned last time, the fields are currently just full of mud. So, last week we ended … More The Filipino Dream

Just keep swimming

Swim lessons have been getting better each session! All the groups are at different levels, and within the groups some kids are more advanced swimmers than others. So our job is trying to help all of them and making sure everyone is learning something even if they’re already more advanced. My favorite part is seeing … More Just keep swimming

Baler & Balete

I realize it’s been 10 days, but with our trip and work I’ve managed to keep pretty busy. Last week 4 of the long-term interns left after 6 months at the farm. We celebrated their time here at a resort that we rented out for the night. Everyone brought food, we sang karaoke and we … More Baler & Balete

GK Masterchef

Happy 4th of July! We had the opportunity to be team leaders for the group of kids from Manila that visited the farm last week. It was a great experience, and definitely kept me busy. The aim of their visit to the farm was to teach the kids (7th- 8th grade) about agriculture. In the Philippines, … More GK Masterchef

Kids and kittens

After my last blog update, we returned to the farm. Nate and I wanted to get some videos of the farm, so we took our iPad and iPhone and started walking around. Once me walked a few minutes, some of the kids from the community found us and took over our videos. They gave little … More Kids and kittens

Figuring things out

One thing I’ve learned is that everyone helps out with whatever is necessary, whether it’s their assigned project or not. So, even while I’m still figuring out my assignments, I’m keeping busy. Unexpectedly, I went and helped with a chicken slaughter the other day. Thankfully I didn’t see the actual slaughter, but I helped with … More Figuring things out

Ducks and Dogs

This past week we had our orientation here at GK. I learned a lot about the Philippines in general and more specifically about GK and their vision. Chris, one of the few Americans here, has lived at the farm for a few years now and teaches the students about the Philippine economy. One of the … More Ducks and Dogs

First impressions 

6/13/16             I made it to Manila! The trip was long, but it wasn’t bad. We arrived at UP Los Baños at 2:30 in the morning. Orientation was not until 1pm the next day though, so we had a nice relaxing morning which included our first meal in the Philippines … More First impressions